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Kobe’s World… Lakers Repeat in ’09

[picapp src=”3/a/c/3/Game_5_Magic_88d3.JPG?adImageId=6837113&imageId=4986358″ width=”500″ height=”574″ /]

I don’t call him Killa Kobe for no reason! It’s a wrap… look for LA to go back to back and win it all again in ’09. The reason is Killa aka Black Mamba! He knows history and he knows that he must repeat this year as the lead dog to continue to build his empire (rings).

The Lakers will face the Celtics and pay them back for that beatdown they took in ’07… payback is a you-know-what and Killa is coming for that azz like Black Dynamite!



Lamar “Why Did I Get Married” Odom

NBA Champ & LA Lakers Star Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian

NBA Champ & LA Lakers Star Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian

Lamar was last seen driving really fast on the highway talking to himself… rumor has it that he was screaming that he thought he asked Kourtney Kardashian to be his wife!!!!!

I guess we will be seeing Lamar in future TV appearances of Kourtney & Khloe Take On Miami.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian



LeBron, Kobe Nike (Puppet) Commercial

Yo!!!!!!! Nike is running a funny campaign featuring LeBron and Kobe as roommates. Check this joint out.

Kobe Bryant: The Opposite of Soft!

He’s clearly bigger. He’s clearly stronger. He has more publicity. His image is better. His overall statistics are better.

Why should there even be a question about if LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant?

He lacks that killer instinct! Until the King gets that, he will forever be carrying Kobe’s jockstrap.

Last night at the Staples Center Kobe Bryant went so opposite of soft and showed the world why he is the best player on the planet by outdueling LeBron. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 105-88, with Mamba dropping 20 buckets, 12 dimes, and grabbing six boards.  Even with a dislocated finger, Kobe had the burning desire to check the King for almost the entire game and take on the challenge personally.

Put it like this…LeBron was rather normal with Kobe on him. He only connected on 9 of his 25 shots for 23 points with four assists and nine rebounds. Why isn’t Kobe considered for the Defensive Player of the Year award?

As indicated in his Christmas interview with Magic Johnson, Kobe had to show the media that he was still the best in the game and he doesn’t look like he will be passing the torch anytime soon. Kobe had to show the world that he seeks basketball perfection. Kobe had to show the world that he wants to go down as the “greatest basketball player of all time.”

It was apparent from the jump that Kobe had an agenda. After losing two straight games, he had to up his level of intensity.

Despite his pre-game quotes where he said that he thinks LeBron is the MVP at this point, by the end of the night he may have been forced to eat his own words. Although one game may not be enough for the general public to decifer who’s the better player, all Kobe did in their first battle of the season was to solidify my argument that he is the best in the game…hands down!!

Finally The Finals (pt. 2)

Aiiiight…..yea I said it, aiiiight and that is how I meant it when it comes to the NBA Finals moving west to Cali. First this game is a grown man business, and you better keep your eye on the ultimate prize, Bostons’ big 3 left 2/3rds of that group on the tarmac in Massachusetts in Pierce and Garnett, well the good news is its about time Walter Ray Allen showed up. Grown folks tend to do better in an environment that they are use to, comfortable, and confident, that was the case for the Lakers on Tuesday night in Staples Center at they closed the deal on their first win of the 08 NBA Finals. Kobe Bean Bryant (always remember, great athletes and serial killers use their middle names) did his thing and dropped 36 pts on the “Cs” while helping shut down Paul Pierce on 2 of 14 shooting. It has been said and will continue to be said by this observer, when it comes to the “glorious association”, and most sports the great ones can carry their game on the road and close the show…the great ones always do.

Think about anyone who has won dat ring in recent times in the NBA, they usually have their greatest performances in their road jersey, from Magic in the Boston Garden in 87 to D. Wade killing Dallas in 06, and of course Michael Jeffery Jordan in just about every final he laced them up, it is no coincidence those teams got it done. Even some honorable mentions from Reggie Millers’ 25 point 4th quarter in Madison Square Garden to Lebrons’ epic explosion on Detroit in the Eastern conference finals last year stand out more because of the hostile environment in which it was accomplished. Notice the free throw attempts tonight…hmmm, I did too.

The fix is in Tim Donaghy NBA refs blog is on the way. “That being said”, enjoy the Lakers showing up at least in terms of Kobe and SASHA Vujacic (What?) in game 3, and lets see how those other guys in the green uniforms respond to the second guessing of their skill, heart and competence the next 48 hours. Remember you have to be special to perform in any environment, and blessed with talent and hard work ethic for the results to consistently enjoy success. Great teams and athletes, porn stars and race horses come to mind when I try to emphasize this point. Tell me its not true…what did brown do for you?

God I love my job.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

Finally The Finals (pt. 1)

It really begins in earnest when you can’t wait for the game to come on. You start getting fired up around mid-afternoon at whatever you are doing in life, school, work or being a useless food eating, excuse making waste of someone else responsibility, also known as children, you start getting “that buzz” that you cannot explain. Then it is that time where you sit down in front of the TV and the music starts, the graphics and the visuals of all the main characters in the real-life tv drama that is “The NBA Finals.”

As a true NBA knucklehead it has taken me back to my teenage years when the Bucks were the 80s’ version of the Detroit Pistons modern day, the 76’ers and the Celtics used them as a just a passable obstruction to get over on their way to the Lakers and the finals, (damn it hurts to say that, but it is true). Then it happened, just like you thought it would with several current hall of famers doing their thing and a number of very great players accompanying them, it was always…and I mean always was worth everything to watch. The Boston Garden, The Forum, The Spectrum and all the pomp and circumstance would be replaced by the game, and the game would live up to the hype in these match-ups of the early to late 80’s. As a hard core Laker fan rarely did it happen, but when they lost to the Celtics or the Sixers it was not a good summer for me because it didn’t sit right.

Now let us look at it from a modern day era. We have had some semi dynasties in Isiahs’ bad boy Pistons, Shaq and Kobes’ Lakers, Duncans’ Spurs, Dreams’ Rockets and of course the real dynasty that was Michael Jordans’ Bulls of the 90’s. The one thing missing is the rival that pushes you to the limit. That doesn’t exist today like it did then and here is why I say that: everybody won and everybody lost that were the best in the league at that time in the finals. Today, the finals are interesting because of the players stories and their quests for the ring. In Boston for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen it validates the ultimate team success to go along with their great individual careers if they win, while Kobes’ quest to shine out of Shaq’s shadow in a Laker uniform is a great sub-plot.

Boston wins game one in a forgettable contest that lacked “sizzle”, except for the Pierce near-death experience, but was bringing back that buzz I had as a teenager in those great matchups at those great venues. It has all the potential to be one of those finals match-ups you never forget and I hope it turns out that way, but my experience in living tells some things don’t repeat themselves and generate that same feeling after it has been established. I rarely wish that a thought is proven wrong that I have…this is one of those rare occasions I hope that is the case. Stay tuned for more blogs on the actual games in the NBA Finals.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

No Huddle 4.13.08

Gumbel No Longer Doing Play-By-Play At NFL Network – You and I have been waiting for 2 years for this to come to an end. This was a terrible decision to let the soft spoken, enigmatic Gumbel be your A-Team PBP announcer. He’s much better on HBO. 


KOBE Should Win The MVP – He should win this is a tight race with Chris Paul. I think Kobe’s YouTube commercial (jumping over the car) will give him the extra votes and juice he needs to win.

Paterno And PSU Don’t Extend Contract – As the whisper campaign to remove the legend gets louder, the PSU Administration cannot come to terms as to how to move on. Believe this, Rutgers University knows that when JoePa steps down, Greg Schiano (HC) will head to Happy Valley. Take that to the bank! Tom Bradley (PSU DC) will get strong consideration and support, but will lose out to the younger coach from New Jersey.

Uban Meyer Offers Scholarship To Fastest Student – Some may call it a cheap publicity stunt or self-serving move… I think it is brilliant and one of the reasons why programs like Florida Gators offer will continue to be Top Ten each year. I salute Meyer’s crafty thinking and how it energizes the student body while keeping the Gators in the national spotlight during the offseason.

Stacey Dash Is 42 And Doesn’t Need Jenny Graig Or NutriSystem – Nuff Said… ’til Next Week

New York Needs Kobe


L.A. to N.Y.

For several months, Urban Sports Talk has lobbied to get Kobe to the Big Apple. It hasn’t happened so now we are sending an open letter to David Stern the Commissioner of the NBA. It reads as follows:

Mr. Stern,

On behalf of the legions of NBA fans, we are writing to ask you to make a “unilateral” decision and trade Kobe Bryant to the New York Knicks immediately. The Big Apple is the biggest NBA stage and it hasn’t had a viable first act since Patrick Ewing was executing Code Reds on behalf of Pat Riley. In fact, the last time this franchise needed your assistance, you delivered the “frozen envelope” so they could draft the Hoya Destroyer #1 back in 1985.


This proclamation will add to your already impressive Legacy of Leadership. Imagine the prose that will honor your courage and vision in bringing the best player in the world to New York. The Stern Legacy will record how you saved the Association’s Charter Franchise twice during your tenure.

Kobe will be the biggest star ever to lace up tennis shoes for Knicks. The buzz will be back at the Mecca of basketball like it was when His Airness graced the hardwood. Just think what it would mean to the NBA having that sort of presence nightly at Madison Square Garden. 

Therefore, we will not take no for an answer and we demand that you honor this recommendation. The Knicks are full of talent and bad contracts for the Lakers to assume and manage. It’ll be a year before those fans even realize Kobe’s gone because they have too many other things going on in Cali (i.e. fires, mudslides, immigration, writer’s strike, etc.). They won’t miss him and New York needs him.

Warmest Regards,

Urban Sports Talk

16 Years Ago Magic Shocked Us


Where were you 16 years ago on November 7, 1991? Do you remember what you were doing when Magic Johnson told us all that he had tested positive for H.I.V.? I recall that day like it was yesterday.

Football practice had ended shortly before the start of Magic’s press conference. I was one of a group of 45 other players in the locker room when the equipment manager started yelling about a major announcement coming from the L.A. Lakers. Rumors were hot that something big was going down in Hollywood and we scrambled to find the TV to witness history.

I still remember how bad it smelled because none of us hit the showers as we stood in soiled uniforms in front of the tube. It wouldn’t be long before the greatest point guard in NBA history stated he was H.I.V. positive and would be retiring immediately. Everyone in the room fell silent… I was the first person to break that dead calm by shouting DAMN!!!!!! Before long, all 45, soon to be the entire team of 95, was debating Magic’s fate and his reputation.

Was he gay? What about Isiah Thomas and those kisses during the NBA Finals? Hmmmm… nah, not Magic… he got plenty of girls… he’s Magic Johnson!

How long would he live? Is he a dead man walking? What about his wife and kids? Why was he so wreckless and carefree?

There were so many questions unanswered that night. It was that rare moment when you could think about only one subject hour upon hour. I recall that day 16 years ago because that was the day Magic Johnson told me that if I can get it, anybody can get it.


Kobe Bryant… The Best Ever?

Hate him or loathe him all you want, but you better recognize that he has skills coming out of his ears. Do remember the outcry a couple years ago regarding the Lakers decision to keep KB over Shaq? Where are those haters today? They are on their way to the local sporting goods store to buy his top selling jersey after his 4th straight 50+ point scoring game. Only Wilt “The Big Dipper” Chamberlain has ever put up fifty in 4 consecutive games. He did it 7 games in a row and also averaged 50 points a game… no doubt that Wilt was a baller in his day (ask the ladies).KB is so ill that people cannot believe what this guy is doing… is he the second coming of MJ? Of course not, he’s better. We are all a witness to this and please forget about LeBron “No Big Shot” James. He needs to take it to the basket a lot more before I should mention his name with the games elite. KB brings it every night so just forget about all the other frauds that SportsCenter and Stu Scott hype up.

Of course the haters are going to say that the rule changes are the reason why Kobe is scoring like you’re playing NBA Live against your grandmother. I say that Steve Nash is the one who has benefited the most from the rule changes. Can you really tell me that he should be the two-time NBA MVP? Let me keep it moving…

Back to KB, some out there (maybe you) will say that he’d never do work against Riley’s Knicks or Heat teams from the early to late ’90’s. Who on those teams would have checked him? John Starks? Eddie Jones? All those ex-Jordan stoppers… we saw what he did to them on his way to 6 titles.

The only team that may have slowed Kobe would have been the Bad Boys from Motown. Now Detroit had the athletes, length, and crazy dudes like Rodman running around the court that played nothing but “D”. And yes, Joe Dumars would have been in Kobe’s pockets like the stick up kids in the Bronx.

He would have set them cats on fire like he’s doing to the Association’s best two guards today. So again, is he the best ever? Nah, he comes in second place on my list because he doesn’t have a big fro like my man Doctor J. That’s my #1 baller of all time and that’s my word!