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James, Wade, Bosh… Too Much Hype?

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After two games, the new Miami Heat haven’t changed the face of the NBA. Is this threesome even the best team in Florida? We’ll see tonight in their home opener against the powerful Orlando Magic and Dwight “Superman” Howard.

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(video) Day two of Miami Heat Training Camp

(video) Dr. Dre x LeBron James Power Beats Commercial

King James Denies Bucks 85 – 82

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The Milwaukee Bucks  made a game of it during the last few minutes last night before losing by 3 points. However, the Bucks continue to rely too much on the perimeter shooting and show little desire to make baskets in the painted area. Until the Bucks can figure out how to get Andrew Bogut going in the post, they will have trouble winning against teams that have a power inside game.

LeBron Documentary: More Than A Game

This appears to be a must see flick.

Bucks Won’t Pay Charlie V. To Stay

Charlie V. Looking To Get Paid Somewhere

Charlie V. Looking To Get Paid Somewhere

No surprise here, the Milwaukee Bucks take a pass on arguably their best offensive player Charlie Villanueva. GM John Hammond has decided to make offers to free agents Ramon Sessions and Ersan Ilyasova instead. The Bucks have tied the future to Andrew Bogut who in my opinion is a little better than a backup center in the NBA.

Early rumors are that Charlie V. may end up in Cleveland following former teammate Mo Williams.

Shaq Traded To Cavaliers

The MVP Will Be Getting Help

The MVP Will Be Getting Help

Sources: Suns agree to send Shaq to Cavaliers

LeBron Needs Some Magic Of His Own

The King Will Lift His Team From Defeat To Victory

The King Will Lift His Team From Defeat To Victory

Game 4 is do or die for LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only are they losing the series 2 games to 1, but the Cavaliers have been exposed as a 1-man show. The King is averaging more than 40 ppg and there is no good reason to believe he won’t continue to score at that pace. His teammates have performed so poorly (see Mo Williams, Big Z, etc.) offensively that one wonders if Head Coach Mike Brown has filed a missing persons report. 

The Orlando Magic deserve a lot of credit for Cleveland’s issues thus far. The Cavs have no answer for Hideo or Rashad (both 6’11”) after 3 games and that will not change. Add Dwight Howard to the list of matchup problems and you’ll quickly understand that Cleveland cannot contain that trio. 

That being said, I believe tonight will be a stage for the best player on the planet… The King will make a great pre-game speech, score 40+ points, and dominate the flow of this game. He will be the reason why Cleveland will redirect the momentum of this series and eventually defeat the Orlando Magic in game 7.

What Can (Mike) Brown Do 4 U?

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

I’m still not ready to move Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown into the penthouse of elite NBA Head Coaches. However, much respect is due (and given) for the ’08 – ’09 NBA Coach of the Year for leading his squad to the best record in the league.

MB finished ahead of the Houston Rockets Coach Rick Adelman and Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy. Here’s the press release.

The Black Mamba Returns…

Photographed by: Greg Nelson/SI

Photographed by: Greg Nelson/SI

Kobe Bryant aka ‘Killa’ Kobe bka The Black Mamba (hereafter TBM) will make his ’09 playoff debut this afternoon. TBM will no doubt set the tone early and often today against the Utah Jazz who have no chance of winning this series. He won his NBA MVP last season but got waxed in the Finals by a tougher Boston Celtics team. TBM will be on a mission this post season to win-it-all or kill everyone in his way.

Look for TBM to lead his Lakers to a second NBA Finals where The King (LeBron) and his Cavaliers will be waiting to battle for the title.