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Air Jordan & Girlfriend Purchase Home In Miami


No wonder I haven’t seen His Airness all season… according to Jose Lambiet of The Palm Beach Post, Jordan and his Yvette Prieto (his lady) have purchased a home in Miami together. There’s also rumors that Air will put a ring on it soon without getting a signature on it (prenup).


Classic “Air Jordan” Commericals… For My 5-yr. Old Son

A few weeks ago, I took my 5-yr. old son to Footlocker to get some new tennis shoes and boots. I thought it was time to step up from the usual Sketchers (w/flashing lights) and hit him off with some Nikes. He could care less and when we looked at the Air Jordan kicks, he really didn’t care.

For a moment, you would have thought I worked at Footlocker ’cause I was pushin’ the Air Jordans hard. My son said to me, “Who is Jordan?” WHAT I THOUGHT!!!! After I picked my grill up from the floor, I responded by saying that Money was only the greatest baller to ever lace up. Shorty then said, “But he isn’t better than Dominic James (Marquette Univ. Basketball Point Guard)!”

All I could do was shake my head and I’m certain all the men in the store felt my pain. I failed to realize that my son was born the year His Airness retired for good. He’s never watched MJ or saw see me watching Jordan play ball. My kid (and millions like him) has been depraved of a master… I have work to do to keep Mike’s legend alive in my own home (I have a 1-yr. old son too).

So I figured it be best to start off easy on my boys and drop a couple commercials on them of Mars Blackmon and Air Jordan. These classic joints are from when Mike was the hottest thing on Planet Earth.

Michael Jordan Is A Bad Executive


This article will not be received well by the Michael Jordan fans that believe His Airness can do no wrong. Let me SHOUT THIS to those people… look what he’s doing (again) in Charlotte!!!

MJ became a part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats last year and has since loaded up the front office with longtime friends, confidants and ex-teammates (i.e. Rod Higgins, Buzz Peterson, Sam Vincent). None of these three have a track record or experience in building winning franchises. What they are is a trio that will not challenge MJ but do whatever it is he tells them.

In two years (drafts), MJ has drafted Adam Morrison (#3 – ’06) and traded North Carolina forward Brandan Wright (#8 – ’07, 6′ 10″) to the Golden State Warriors for Jason Richardson (6′ 5″). Jason Richardson is owed 48 million dollars and has a history of knee problems during his 6-year career with the Warriors. Adam Morrison was drafted 3 spots higher than the 2006 Rookie of the Year – Brandon Roy.

It’s an established fact that he cannot draft (see Kwame Brown) and he cannot hire the right coach (see Leonard Hamilton). Why is he turning over the keys to this franchise to Sam Vincent who only has a year of NBA coaching experience as an assistant with the Dallas Mavericks?

As much as I like MJ, I don’t like what he’s done in his post-playing days in the NBA. Knowing the tough, bottom-line owner Bob Johnson’s history of bullying his employees (see Tavis Smiley formerly of BET), this relationship will not end happily every after.