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Packers Make Playoffs, Rodgers Team Now

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Sorry all you Farve lovers… Aaron Rodgers is the real deal and he just won a game to get the Packers into the playoffs. Time to let Brett go and embrace the now and the team’s future. Rodgers should get some NFL MVP votes for his play and he should make the Pro Bowl this year.


Green Bay Packers Discuss Signing Mike Vick

Are Packers Fans Willing To Accept Vick In The Family

Are Packers Fans Willing To Accept Vick In The Family

Signing Mike Vick was a top secret discussion amoung the coaching staff today in Packersville. Our insiders told us they had to swear on their first born’s life not to discuss the team’s interest in signing Vick. I was told that discussions are very serious and that the team is very interested in having him come in to back up Aaron Rodgers. They have no confidence in their quarterbacks if something happens to Rodgers. Stay tuned!

Packers Hire Perry As New DB Coach


Our sources have confirmed what we initially reported last week (1/19/09 – Packers Likely To Add Ex-Steelers DB Coach Perry) that Darren Perry has been hired as the Defensive Back Coach of the Green Bay Packers. We aren’t sure why there is such a slow rollout on the new staff, but Perry was in town prior to Dom Campers being hired.

What we heard is that the Packers didn’t want to wait on hiring a Defensive Coordinator before locking Perry up. Other NFL clubs were very interested in adding him to their staffs (i.e. Cowboys, Lions) so the Packers moved swiftly. Look for the official press release in the coming days and for Perry to get to work immediately after the Super Bowl.

Kevin Greene To Coach OLBs For Packers


Last week, we were the first place to tell sports fans that the Green Bay Packers were interested in former All-Pro DE/LB Kevin Greene (1/22/09 – NFL Buzz: Packers Interested Interested In Former Steelers LB Kevin Greene ). The Packers made it official today as Greene was named the OLB coach for the team.

NFL Buzz: Packers Interested In Former Steelers LB Kevin Greene


We are hearing that McCarthy is considering bringing in former NFL All-Pro Linebacker Kevin Greene to coach/tutor the Packers linebackers. Greene was an outstanding outside linebacker that played 3 years with the Steelers and he also played for Dom Capers with the Carolina Panthers. He has assisted the Steelers and Dolphins during training camps since retiring from the NFL.

Packers Likely To Add Ex-Steelers DB Coach Perry


We’ve learned that Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy will be meeting with the Oakland Raiders DB Coach Darren Perry Monday and Tuesday of this week. There is no secret that McCarthy wants to change the defense to the 3-4 scheme which the #1 ranked Pittsburgh Steelers Defense has mastered. Perry has a long history with the Steelers. He was a starting safety with Pittsburgh for 7 years (’98 – ’00) and has 35 career interceptions.

After retiring from the NFL, Perry joined the Dick LeBeau’s Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff in 2002. He then joined Bill Cowher’s staff in Pittsburgh in 2003 and help coach the secondary to a great performance in a Super Bowl Title. When Bill Cowher retired, Perry was recruited to take over the reigns of a very talented Oakland Raiders secondary in 2007.

We believe you Packers fans will be extremely happy with the performance of your secondary next year with this hire. He is credited for developing standout safety Troy Polamula in Pittsburgh.