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Mike Vick Is Much Watch TV Again, Eagles vs. Texans on NFL Network Tonight


Don’t Call It A Comeback, Mike Vick II

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I didn’t see it happening this fast and as an Eagles fan, I wanted to see if K2 aka Kevin Kolb had the skills to play. Coach Andy Reid said forget that and changed his mind (as I have) to pick Mike Vick as his new starting quarterback.

The internet is on FIRE and talk radio is CRAZY chatting about this move. Can Mike Vick really morph into a pocket qb or did he just tease us? Is he going to be the player everyone wanted him to be or will he go back to running first?

Just win money.

The Rebirth Of Vick

Vick Makes His Eagles Debut In Philly Tonight

Vick Makes His Eagles Debut In Philly Tonight

Is it just me??? Who else is really excited about watching Mike Vick play in the Eagles preseason game tonight against the Jaguars? I’m even thinking about getting a 6-pack for this game and my favorite tortilla chips. That is crazy isn’t it?

Vick is the reason why I purchased DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket several years ago. I had to watch that kid on Sunday doing his thing. Now he’s playing for my fave team and is backing up Super 5. My NFL life is good right now.

Vick Is Free (Almost)

Ex-Superstar, Mike Vick Released Today

Ex-Superstar, Mike Vick Released Today


My man is 29-years-old now, spent the past 23 months in the banger at Leavenworth (Kansas), and is now being released into home confinement for the next 2 months. Can he still ball… will he be given a chance to ball… we hope so. 

The man paid his debt to society, let him ball if he still can.

Vick’s Ex-Teammates Show Him Love On MNF


Atlanta, GA

On the day Mike Vick was sentenced to 23 months at a federal prison, some of his former players let the world know that he was still their Dog (pun intended). Roddy White scored a touchdown on Monday Night Football and lifted his jersey to show a t-shirt with “Free Mike Vick” written on it. Stud cornerback DeAngelo Hall ran onto the field with a poster of Vick raised in the air clearly letting everyone know that he wasn’t forgetting his ace.

Before you finish reading this sentence, the NFL will have already sent a letter to any Atlanta player that displayed a tribute to Mike Vick on their person. They will couch it as a violation in the uniform code, but we see it as them coming down on free speech.