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Melo Sues Ex-Business Manager

Melo Trying To Keep His Money Right

Melo Trying To Keep His Money Right

Melo has filed a lawsuit against his former business manager claiming that 2 million of his stack was handled funny and misappropriated. I like the fact that he’s not waiting until he’s out of the league to make sure his money is right. Click here for more details.


Dr. J Says Goodbye To Spectrum

For all of us fans of the Philadelphia 76ers, this is a fantastic video tribute to the old court at the Spectrum. As we all know, this building is being torn down shortly. Big up to Dr. J (my all-time fave NBA) for hosting this video tribute and giving us longsuffering fans a glimpse of our finest moments.

NBA, Pres. Obama Got Game


Nuff said… this cat is cool like dat. Looks like the President needed to kick it at the game and have a cold one after a tough day at the office… the Oval Office.

The King’s Motive Was Clear!

AP Photo

When Kobe erupted for 61, I wonder what was really going through LeBron’s mind?

Was it hate? Joy? Despise?

The one thing that we found out just two days later is that he couldn’t be outdone! He had to give us 52 buckets, 11 dimes and 12 boards in a 107-102, Cleveland Cavaliers victory over the New York Knicks last night in Madison Square Garden.

Prior to the game, James told the everyone everything they wanted to hear.

“Kobe Bryant’s performance was unbelievable. I watched every last second of it and he won the game,” James said Tuesday night. “But it’s not about individuals in this league — it’s about the basketball game. I’m not trying to out-do Kobe or anybody on their team. I’m just trying to win the game.

“I just go out and play my game,” he added. “I’m not a video game where you can expect me to go out there and score 60 or 70. I play the game and I’m not about individual accolades.”

These were great words but his actions clearly overuled them. His actions gave us a great performance (…very great one) but it still doesn’t mean as much as the Mamba’s performance when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Knicks, 126-117, on Monday. 

The King’s efforts were forced and corny. Kobe’s was more smooth and virtuoso as he picked his spots and struck at just the right moments.

Kobe’s skill level is on another level and LeBron just has to look in the mirror and realize this. I respect his efforts and competitive spirit when it comes to outdueling Kobe but he’s just not there yet.

I have to admit it though, this is great for the game of basketball. These games have added more anticipation for their final head-to-head matchup of this season which will take place this Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

LeBron better have his ankle insurance.

Kobe Bryant: The Opposite of Soft!

He’s clearly bigger. He’s clearly stronger. He has more publicity. His image is better. His overall statistics are better.

Why should there even be a question about if LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant?

He lacks that killer instinct! Until the King gets that, he will forever be carrying Kobe’s jockstrap.

Last night at the Staples Center Kobe Bryant went so opposite of soft and showed the world why he is the best player on the planet by outdueling LeBron. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 105-88, with Mamba dropping 20 buckets, 12 dimes, and grabbing six boards.  Even with a dislocated finger, Kobe had the burning desire to check the King for almost the entire game and take on the challenge personally.

Put it like this…LeBron was rather normal with Kobe on him. He only connected on 9 of his 25 shots for 23 points with four assists and nine rebounds. Why isn’t Kobe considered for the Defensive Player of the Year award?

As indicated in his Christmas interview with Magic Johnson, Kobe had to show the media that he was still the best in the game and he doesn’t look like he will be passing the torch anytime soon. Kobe had to show the world that he seeks basketball perfection. Kobe had to show the world that he wants to go down as the “greatest basketball player of all time.”

It was apparent from the jump that Kobe had an agenda. After losing two straight games, he had to up his level of intensity.

Despite his pre-game quotes where he said that he thinks LeBron is the MVP at this point, by the end of the night he may have been forced to eat his own words. Although one game may not be enough for the general public to decifer who’s the better player, all Kobe did in their first battle of the season was to solidify my argument that he is the best in the game…hands down!!

Classic “Air Jordan” Commericals… For My 5-yr. Old Son

A few weeks ago, I took my 5-yr. old son to Footlocker to get some new tennis shoes and boots. I thought it was time to step up from the usual Sketchers (w/flashing lights) and hit him off with some Nikes. He could care less and when we looked at the Air Jordan kicks, he really didn’t care.

For a moment, you would have thought I worked at Footlocker ’cause I was pushin’ the Air Jordans hard. My son said to me, “Who is Jordan?” WHAT I THOUGHT!!!! After I picked my grill up from the floor, I responded by saying that Money was only the greatest baller to ever lace up. Shorty then said, “But he isn’t better than Dominic James (Marquette Univ. Basketball Point Guard)!”

All I could do was shake my head and I’m certain all the men in the store felt my pain. I failed to realize that my son was born the year His Airness retired for good. He’s never watched MJ or saw see me watching Jordan play ball. My kid (and millions like him) has been depraved of a master… I have work to do to keep Mike’s legend alive in my own home (I have a 1-yr. old son too).

So I figured it be best to start off easy on my boys and drop a couple commercials on them of Mars Blackmon and Air Jordan. These classic joints are from when Mike was the hottest thing on Planet Earth.

With LeBron’s Birthday Presents…You Would Cry Too!!


It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to.

December 30th has not been a great day for the King…on the basketball court!

Despite the day serving as a celebration for his 24 years of royal living, he still managed to add a huge “L” to his team’s record. The James Gang is now 26-5 as the Miami Heat defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 104-95, last night at the AmericanAirlines Arena.

LeBron James danced all night long but it didn’t turn out the way that he thought it would. He seemed to have reached his groove when he drained a three point basket in the corner with 8:55 remaining in the fourth quarter to bring the Cavs to within one point at 78-77.  After he nailed the shot, he looked down at a falling Michael Beasley as well as the Heat’s bench as if he was telling them to “get like me!”

James finished the night with 38 buckets, 2 boards, 7 dimes, and 2 beats (…including a nasty one on The Flash).

After losing this game, LeBron’s professionl record has fell to 0-3 on his birthday including a loss while he was in high school.

You would cry too if it happened to you!

The King made Dwyane Wade look rather normal as he took the challenge of guarding him throughout most of the game. Wade finished the game with ONLY 21 points (…he’s leading the league with 28.9 points per game people) on 7-23 shooting. He did hand out 12 dimes though and pinned James’ shot off the glass early in the third quarter. 

When Wade ran out on the King in the fourth quarter, he just calmly nailed three point bomb all in his grill at the 2:27. I could really see that LeBron was trying to outduel Dwyane because he was making it a point to go at him.

The one possession that sticks out in my the most is when Dwyane Wade went up for a dunk over the King, and he came out of nowhere and batted it out of the hoop even though he was called for a foul. It was just the “princibality” (…as Big Worm would say).

But in the end, I’m sure The King was not happy with his birthday present. It was his party though, so I’m sure he’ll cry if he wants too.

Give the man a break if he decides to let go a few tears…You would cry too if it happened to you!

The James Gang will pick back up on their action next year when they face the Chicago Bulls on Jan. 2 at The Q.

Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union Heat Up Miami


Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union are competing hard for the 2008 celebrity couple of the year. Wade has had a tough year personally (divorce) but is doing his thing on the court this year once again. It’s been two years since DW won the NBA Title and was the toast of the sports world… looks like Ms. Union has him right once again. Some cats have so much game it ain’t even funny.

Barkley Wants LeBron To Shut Up ‘Bout Knicks

Chuck, I know you want The King to stay in Cleveland… but LeBron will be starring in New York in two years. And the only reason he talks about it is because he keeps getting asked about it.

Wisconsin Is A Hoops Hotbed


Devin Harris is the New Hype of the NBA…

I was watching NBA TV the other night and was watching how Devin Harris was clowning on the west coast, while Harris was killing the Phoenix Suns it made me take a minute and think about how rich and talented this area is when it comes to basketball players and how damn competitive it is in this region of the state of Wisconsin.
It goes back to the “Downtown Freddie Brown”, John Johnson era of the mid 60s and just kept rolling…and rolling…and rolling, but you would never think of it that way because these guys just did their thing without a lot of fan fare (except Sprewell). Just think about guys who have or are playing in “The Association” and had good solid runs in the league from this part of the state. These are their roots…this is their foundation.
Some names are familiar to anybody that follows the “Glorius Association”, names Like Porter, Sprewell, T. Smith, Chones, Harris, Wolf, Novak, Diener and Van Excel. Then there are the guys like Carl Landry, Mike Wilks and Mike Taylor from the city who fly under the radar screen who carve their place in the league quietly. The point is this, the next time you here about how Memphis, Dallas, Oakland or Atlanta is this basketball hot bed tell whoever is hollaring that to bring their best up to Milwaukee-Racine-Madison area of Wisconsin or from this point foward known as the B-Ball Triangle and play some of the best AAU teams and high school teams in the country. They will find out the hard way that teams will get their @*ses run out of the gym, because there is some serious talent up here. 
That being said there is a big time tournament at South Division this weekend named after former NBA, South Division HS and Stevens Point great…The Terry Porter Classic will put the best teams in the region against each other Friday and Saturday at his old school. The stakes get raised the week after that when the Converse Eastbay College Scholarship Classic comes to town at the Al Maguire Center, sponsored by MPS and Jim Gosz long time coach at Rufus King High School.
The Converse Eastbay College Scholarship Classic is putting some of the best high school teams in the country on the floor at the Al in Milwaukee, just remember Milwaukee will represent itself very well, trust me. The next wave of NBA talent will be on the floor to watch, and enjoy.
If I were you I would go see for myself.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee