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NY Knicks Eddie Curry’s Ex-Girlfriend Shot Dead


CHICAGO (AP) — A woman found shot to death in a Chicago apartment was a former girlfriend of New York Knicks player Eddy Curry and the mother of his 3-year-old son, Curry’s attorney said Sunday.

A relative found the bodies of Nova Henry, 24, and her 9-month-old daughter, Ava, in their apartment near the South Side on Saturday evening, Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond said. Both died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said Sunday.

Curry’s 3-year-old son was found unharmed at the scene. Curry is a former player for the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago police offered few details of the investigation at a news conference Sunday.

Deputy Superintendent Steve Peterson said police want to talk to someone who was “the object of an order of protection” but that person has not been located yet.

He declined to give further information.

Rob Bryant, who said he was Nova Henry’s uncle, told the Chicago Sun-Times that Henry had a restraining order against her boyfriend. “She was trying to avoid all this,” Bryant said.

Curry’s attorney, Kelly Saindon, said the basketball player’s family was devastated.

The Knicks issued a statement Sunday on Curry’s behalf asking the media to respect the privacy of the two families.

“The Curry family is deeply saddened by this tragic loss and will keep the Henry family in their prayers,” the statement said.

The city recently has seen several high-profile deaths blamed on domestic violence. A brother-in-law of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges he fatally shot Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. Prosecutors allege William Balfour killed them in October because he was upset the actress’s sister had been dating another man.

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Barkley Wants LeBron To Shut Up ‘Bout Knicks

Chuck, I know you want The King to stay in Cleveland… but LeBron will be starring in New York in two years. And the only reason he talks about it is because he keeps getting asked about it.

New York Needs Kobe


L.A. to N.Y.

For several months, Urban Sports Talk has lobbied to get Kobe to the Big Apple. It hasn’t happened so now we are sending an open letter to David Stern the Commissioner of the NBA. It reads as follows:

Mr. Stern,

On behalf of the legions of NBA fans, we are writing to ask you to make a “unilateral” decision and trade Kobe Bryant to the New York Knicks immediately. The Big Apple is the biggest NBA stage and it hasn’t had a viable first act since Patrick Ewing was executing Code Reds on behalf of Pat Riley. In fact, the last time this franchise needed your assistance, you delivered the “frozen envelope” so they could draft the Hoya Destroyer #1 back in 1985.


This proclamation will add to your already impressive Legacy of Leadership. Imagine the prose that will honor your courage and vision in bringing the best player in the world to New York. The Stern Legacy will record how you saved the Association’s Charter Franchise twice during your tenure.

Kobe will be the biggest star ever to lace up tennis shoes for Knicks. The buzz will be back at the Mecca of basketball like it was when His Airness graced the hardwood. Just think what it would mean to the NBA having that sort of presence nightly at Madison Square Garden. 

Therefore, we will not take no for an answer and we demand that you honor this recommendation. The Knicks are full of talent and bad contracts for the Lakers to assume and manage. It’ll be a year before those fans even realize Kobe’s gone because they have too many other things going on in Cali (i.e. fires, mudslides, immigration, writer’s strike, etc.). They won’t miss him and New York needs him.

Warmest Regards,

Urban Sports Talk