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Flashy Crabtree To Make His Debut Vs. Texans

49ers Wide Receiver Signed His Deal... Can He Play?

49ers Wide Receiver Signed His Deal... Can He Play?

Michael “Money In Da Bank” Crabtree has his deal (not the one he wanted) done and is now the franchise receiver. Or is he? Time will tell if this kid is worth the dough and hype he brought with him from his All-American days at Texas Tech. The San Francisco 49ers have surprised the NFL with their 3-2 start this year. The primary reason for the winning record has been the tough defense and pounding running game. Head Coach Mike Singletary knows he needs more than that and he’s hoping Crabtree will be the answer. He’s been announced as the starter for the 49ers next game against the Texans.

But can he play?


Bush – Kardashian The Remix

[picapp src=”c/7/f/f/Premiere_Of_DreamWorks_68f5.jpg?adImageId=6318936&imageId=5020442″ width=”443″ height=”594″ /]

I guess Reggie and KK decided to hell with all you haters… we are going to give this celebrity relationship thing another shot. Read what People Magazine is reporting.

Regarding Bush’s game on the field… doesn’t look like my boy is going to be in New Orleans after the ’09 season. After 5 games his stat lines reads like this: 42 carries 165 yds. 3.9 ave. 2 tds. 15 rec. 158 yds. 8.5 ave. 0 tds.  That just isn’t the production you need from the #2 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. The Saints offense has 3 or 4 other playmakers that are making things happen and that means Bush has become an expensive offensive decoy. Look for the Raiders to be in the mix for Bush in the off season.

Bush & Kardashian Finished… Kayne West In Mix

Bush & KK Call It Quits... What Happen To Marriage?

Bush & KK Call It Quits... What Happen To Marriage?

Here’s the latest scoop about why KK & Reggie broke up… Kanye West! It appears that Bush saw text messages K Dub sent to KK and it was on from there. Here’s a little more from Hollywood Gossip.

Looks like Mr. Bush is ready to focus on football now and keep it 100. We’ve been wanting this kid to bust out ’cause we think he has game. As we’ve said before, he cannot carry the mail for 20 – 25 carries per game… but we believe he’s an easy 10 TDs per year 1,500 all purpose yards per year baller. What may limit his overall production is the fact that the Saints have a lot of weapons. Bush may be better on a different team that will give him more opportunities within the offense.

NFL's Former #2 Pick Is Now Back To Ballin'

NFL's Former #2 Pick Is Now Back To Ballin'

Cowboys TE Bennett Plays Fool For YouTube

Dallas Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett proves that fools come in all ages, sizes, and ecomonic classes. If you haven’t heard (or seen), this fool has posted some ignorant YouTube video in which he (and his brother) participate in a so-called “Black Olympics.”

Check out this clowing and foolish behavior. Keep in mind, this young man attended Texas A&M and is now a millionaire football player. Our young men just don’t get it sometimes.

This is just another reason to hate them Cowboys.

God Bless Steve McNair… T.R.O.Y.

AP File Photo | Gail Burton

AP File Photo | Gail Burton

Steve McNair is one of our faves and so it is a sad day for us. McNair represented the underdog, hard worker, and humble set which are all characteristics which we honor. Regardless of whatever reports come next about his relationship to that 20-year-old woman, our support will not waiver as it relates to McNair.

Why do people get taken from this world far to early? God only knows why he calls them home when he does.

Respect to his wife and four sons.

Vick Is Free (Almost)

Ex-Superstar, Mike Vick Released Today

Ex-Superstar, Mike Vick Released Today


My man is 29-years-old now, spent the past 23 months in the banger at Leavenworth (Kansas), and is now being released into home confinement for the next 2 months. Can he still ball… will he be given a chance to ball… we hope so. 

The man paid his debt to society, let him ball if he still can.

Why Is This NFL All-Pro Caught Up In Baby Mama Drama?

 San Diego Charges All-Pro DB Antonio Cromartie Making Poor Decisions Off The Field

 I’ve never lifted a post from a gossip site, but I came across something on Young, Black, and Fabulous (my fave) that I have to share with you. It’s about an All-Pro NFL Player and his multiple baby mamas. This is another example of some of the foolishness in our communities. 

Bush: Will It Be The NFL or Hollywood?

Bush Making The Best Of The New Orleans Saints OTA's (Offseason Training Activities)

Bush Making The Best Of The New Orleans Saints OTA's (Offseason Training Activities)

Reggie Bush is very easy to knock due to his relationship with KK (Kim Kardashian). She’s a reality tv-star and social icon who has created a brand that has overtaken Paris Hilton as the ‘It Girl’ in Hollywood. Bush probably had no idea that his winning a Heismann Trophy and being the 2nd pick in the 2006 NFL Draft would mean little next to being known as KK’s boyfriend. Funny how life can throw you a curve ball or two…

I really liked Bush coming out of USC (like many others) and still want him to be that player. However, he’ll never be that guy which was an unstoppable force. Bush can be more of a playmaker than he’s shown in my opinion and started to exhibit in the ’08 season before breaking down again.


I won’t blast him for his Celebrity Lifestyle away from football. Many think that has been the major contributer to his less than productive NFL career (thus far)… I totally disagree. Bush is a tweener in the NFL meaning he’s not your prototype to be a running back, receiver, or kick returner… but he’s a fantastic athlete that was a terror in college which just hasn’t translated to the NFL. He is what Raghib “The Rocket” Ismail was in ’91 when he came out of Notre Dame. Rocket avoided much of what Bush is experiencing as he opted to sign with the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League for what was a record contract at that time.

Vick Wants To Do The Right Thing

mvick1AP Photo/Steve Helber

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — Fallen NFL star Michael Vick told a bankruptcy judge Friday that he became a changed man in prison and is determined to do all the right things upon his release from prison, including repaying his creditors with the millions he hopes to resume earning in professional football.

But after more than three hours of testimony in which Vick laid out what he called his “exit strategy,” U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Frank J. Santoro rejected it. Santoro told Vick to draft a new Chapter 11 plan, one with a bit more certainty.

Santoro said there is no guarantee the league will have the 28-year-old player back, and suggested he start on a new plan by considering liquidating one or both of his Virginia homes and three cars he had planned to keep.

A status hearing is set for April 28, but Santoro set no deadline for submission of a new plan.

Vick is pinning his hopes of emerging from financial ruin on returning to the NFL. He remains indefinitely suspended, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has not said whether he will reinstate Vick after his July release from the federal penitentiary in Kansas where he is serving a 23-month sentence for a dogfighting conspiracy.

Vick’s testimony — his first extensive public account of his life since entering prison in November 2007 — offered a glimpse of what he’s likely to tell Goodell in his bid for reinstatement.

“I can’t live like the old Mike Vick,” he said, speaking softly as many of his friends and family members listened in the courtroom.

Read the complete story here.

NY Giants Burress Case Unresolved


Story From The Associated Press

By SAMUEL MAULL – 27 minutes ago


NEW YORK (AP) — A gun possession case against New York Giants star Plaxico Burress (PLEK’-sih-koh BUR’-ihs) has been adjourned until June 15.


Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed gun at a nightclub last year.


The star receiver, wearing a gray suit, arrived at court Tuesday in the company of his wife, Vicki, and his attorney. Following a brief hearing, his case was adjourned.


A person with knowledge of the case says Burress and prosecutors have been in discussions about a deal but remain at odds over the terms.


He has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree, a felony carrying a minimum prison sentence of 3 1/2 years upon conviction.