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Don’t Call It A Comeback, Mike Vick II

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I didn’t see it happening this fast and as an Eagles fan, I wanted to see if K2 aka Kevin Kolb had the skills to play. Coach Andy Reid said forget that and changed his mind (as I have) to pick Mike Vick as his new starting quarterback.

The internet is on FIRE and talk radio is CRAZY chatting about this move. Can Mike Vick really morph into a pocket qb or did he just tease us? Is he going to be the player everyone wanted him to be or will he go back to running first?

Just win money.


Vick May Be The Man Now In Philly

All you need is to believe what you saw.

Jason Whitlock On Eagles, McNabb

No good deed will go unpunished: That’s the best explanation for what is happening to Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

McNabb embraced Philly’s acquisition of Michael Vick, and now Philly’s inability to trade/unload Vick is causing Andy Reid to strongly consider trading McNabb. If Vick isn’t on the Philly roster, Reid would keep McNabb and Kevin Kolb for one more season.

But Reid can’t justify keeping three quarterbacks. Vick would be disruptive as a third QB next season. Vick sees himself as a starter. Plus, Vick’s wildcat role with McNabb as the starter doesn’t work because McNabb is a quarterback who has to stay in rhythm.

The Eagles are going to get rid of their best quarterback to make room for their worst.

Oh how I hope this blows up and ruins the Eagles organization. Is Kevin Kolb the next Aaron Rodgers, the Favre replacement who revealed himself as a more-than-capable starter? Or is Kolb the classic, popular backup quarterback who can’t cut it when he’s the man?

I can’t answer that question. I’m a McNabb homer, and I haven’t seen enough of Kolb to know.

It’s a damn shame McNabb may not get one more year with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy. McNabb spent most of his career working with a second-rate supporting cast. The one time McNabb had proper support he had a career year and the Eagles played in the Super Bowl.

Saving face on the Vick pickup is worth damaging a Super Bowl run?

I’d hate to see McNabb sentenced to St. Louis. The Rams are allegedly considering parting with the first pick in the second round to acquire McNabb.

The Arizona Cardinals are making a mistake by not making a strong play for McNabb.

Eagles Can’t Run, Can’t Beat Sorry *** Raiders

Eagles Coach Andy Reid Refuses To Run The Ball

Eagles Coach Andy Reid Refuses To Run The Ball

I had a feeling I should have benched McNabb on my fantasy team yesterday. You know why? Because the Eagles tend to play down to the competition on the road and that cost me yesterday. So what, that’s just fantasy…

The reality is that the Eagles should have pounded the Raiders. At some point in Big Red’s (aka Andy Reid) tenure as head coach, they have to commit to running the football. The Raiders were last in the NFL in run defense and the Eagles run the ball just 14 times. I’ve been saying it for years.

The Eagles don’t have (and refuse to get) a physical running back. Brian Westbrook is great at what he does, but he isn’t going to punish a defense. I cannot help but wonder how good this team would be if we had a stud in the backfield.

At least the Redskins are on the schedule next week.

Eagles Need Fred Taylor… Anquan Boldin Too


Ok Andy Reid… go get Fred Taylor! I know he’s 33 years old with 11 years in the NFL, but I think he still has something left to give as a part-time back. It’s many seasons too late for the Eagles, but he’d upgrade that position immediately especially with Brian Westbrook starting to wear down.

If you don’t like him Andy get someone younger that can do what he does… and get Anquan Boldin from Arizona while you’re at it!