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Kim Kardashian Steals Reggie’s Shine During SB Postgame Interview


Reggie Bush’s Jumpoff Gives Video Tour Of His Crib

So wouldn’t you know even a woman as beautiful as Kim Kardashian can get cheated on… appears as though Reggie Bush is a serious baller. Here’s a pic of his alleged jumpoff Carmen Ortega.

All the buzz heating up the web is that Reggie, Carmen and a friend enjoyed each others company one evening. Click here to read some more.

Video: Bush & Kardashian Kiss After Super Bowl Win

Bush – Kardashian The Remix

[picapp src=”c/7/f/f/Premiere_Of_DreamWorks_68f5.jpg?adImageId=6318936&imageId=5020442″ width=”443″ height=”594″ /]

I guess Reggie and KK decided to hell with all you haters… we are going to give this celebrity relationship thing another shot. Read what People Magazine is reporting.

Regarding Bush’s game on the field… doesn’t look like my boy is going to be in New Orleans after the ’09 season. After 5 games his stat lines reads like this: 42 carries 165 yds. 3.9 ave. 2 tds. 15 rec. 158 yds. 8.5 ave. 0 tds.  That just isn’t the production you need from the #2 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. The Saints offense has 3 or 4 other playmakers that are making things happen and that means Bush has become an expensive offensive decoy. Look for the Raiders to be in the mix for Bush in the off season.

Bush & Kardashian Finished… Kayne West In Mix

Bush & KK Call It Quits... What Happen To Marriage?

Bush & KK Call It Quits... What Happen To Marriage?

Here’s the latest scoop about why KK & Reggie broke up… Kanye West! It appears that Bush saw text messages K Dub sent to KK and it was on from there. Here’s a little more from Hollywood Gossip.

Looks like Mr. Bush is ready to focus on football now and keep it 100. We’ve been wanting this kid to bust out ’cause we think he has game. As we’ve said before, he cannot carry the mail for 20 – 25 carries per game… but we believe he’s an easy 10 TDs per year 1,500 all purpose yards per year baller. What may limit his overall production is the fact that the Saints have a lot of weapons. Bush may be better on a different team that will give him more opportunities within the offense.

NFL's Former #2 Pick Is Now Back To Ballin'

NFL's Former #2 Pick Is Now Back To Ballin'

Bush Celebrates Christmas Kardashian Style

This Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian thing is really hot news we’ve discovered here at Urban Sports Talk & Entertainment. We started talking about Bush before he hooked up with one of the hottest celebrities on the planet. Now, if we don’t mention KK when we drop something on RB there’s just no sizzle.

Clearly, in ’07 Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson had everyone buzzing about the hookup. RB and KK have much more juice and it appears as though they really are serious about making this thing work. RB took his peeps to KK’s peeps house… Damn!

RB was having his best year on the field before the injuries sat him down. We hope he gets healthy and lives up to his potential on the field because he has shown some serious talent and flashes of brillance. We just want it to be consistent and prolonged.

See you in ’09 RB (and KK).

Black Athletes, White Lovers… Do You Care?

Bradon Jacobs (RB NY Giants) & Wife


Venus Williams & Hank Kuehne… raised in Compton, CA she is now one of the most famous athletes in the world… where is her King?

Update 5.19.09 – I must say that the responses to this post have been powerful… thank you all for your opinion and your passion. I came across a couple interesting posts regarding Russell Simmons (Hip Hop Mogul) and his friend Julie Henderson (Model). Give it a read and share you thoughts… here is the post about Uncle Russ & Julie. Then there is something written by Uncle Russ’ ex-Katie Ross.

Julie Henderson & Russell Simmons, Katie Ross The Ex

Julie Henderson & Russell Simmons, Katie Ross The Ex

On November 4, 2008, America elected a Black Man as the President-Elect of the United States of America. This historic event has caused many  Americans (especially w/in the Black Community) to examine many issues surrounding “race” that have been either taboo or only talked about honestly when one is in the midst of their own ethnic group. We felt that we should be no different at Urban Sports Talk & Entertainment… so we are asking you to give your thoughts about “race” as it relates to Black Athletes involved in interracial relationships.

I decided to pen this post mainly because of a conversation I had with my cousin recently. Given my background as a former football player, he wanted my perspective on Black (Male) Athletes dating White Women. He just cannot understand how these athletes are raised in Black neighborhoods, attend Black (k – 12) Schools, worship in Black Churches then go off and leave Black Women behind. His challenge to me was to defend that reality for those athletes.

I didn’t care to provide an excuse because I don’t believe a person’s decision to date someone of another ethnicity is shameful. What I did talk about is how a Black Athlete’s circumstances can lead him (them) to make certain choices. Many of which were never available prior to him/her being highlighted for athletic prowess.

David Garrad (QB Jacksonville Jaguars) & Family

For instance, the vast majority of Black Athletes are removed from Black areas when they are given scholarships to attend White Colleges. This is the initial step towards assimilating into the Majority Society. For many Black Athletes, this will be their first time attending a class as the minority student. He/she will be living around tens of thousands of non-Blacks for the coming years as they are being trained to play sports at a high level. His/her world view is being shaped during this time as he/she is experiencing independence from parents, family and their community. It is during this time when they are frequently socializing with many diverse groups of people which they will ultimately be influenced by for the years to come.

My cousin wasn’t impressed and didn’t want to hear that lame excuse as he called it. What are your thoughts? Are we passed this issue or should Black Athletes be challenged for their decisions to date outside of their race?

Reggie Bush Wows On Monday Night Football

Reggie Bush had his most spectacular game of his career last night on MNF. He tied a record by returning two punt returns for touchdowns (71, 64 yds.) and accounted for 269 total yards. Before the season started, I stated that Bush needed to be consistent every week by doing things that led directly to wins. He has done that through 5 weeks of the season and all that decoy stuff is behind him. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t going to carry the mail (high rushing attempts) and will never be the Saints best running back. Bush will be a threat in an offensive game plan like the New Orleans Saints presently deploy. What remains to be determined is if Head Coach Sean Payton has a future there if this team fails to make the playoffs. 

In other news… how the heck can Bush’s girlfriend – Kim Kardashian – be such a lousy dancer? If she could dance a good as she looks she would have been the Vegas pick to win the latest installment of Dancing With The Stars. She is terrible!!!! But, who looks at her and thinks about that anyway… Bush must be keeping mama happy.

Hot Celebrity Couples

Did Reggie Bush have a thing with Carmen Ortega??? Check out this vid of her in his crib after an alleged big night with him and one of her friends… here’s more of the story.

Now you can add a Super Bowl to the mix of this Super Celebrity Couple… maybe marriage, maybe a baby is next?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=reggie+bush+kim+kardashian&iid=4745771″ src=”3/7/a/d/16th_Annual_Race_4186.jpg?adImageId=10069607&imageId=4745771″ width=”380″ height=”583″ /]

The hottest NFL/Hollywood couple in America continues to tantalize the public. Here’s their recent Complex Magazine photo shoot.

Reggie Bush has no problem handling his business with Kim Kardashian.

Serena Williams and Common are doing their thing despite Jamie Foxx’s singing.

Michael Strahan isn’t telling old Eddie Murphy jokes to Nicole (Murphy) Mitchell.