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Reggie Bush Gives Back Heismann… Who Cares?

IMO… who cares? He’s getting more coverage of what he did at USC than in New Orleans. You know why? He’s been a bust in the NFL. That’s all anyone should care about right? If he’d just ball, they’d leave him alone.


Kim Kardashian Steals Reggie’s Shine During SB Postgame Interview

Video: Bush & Kardashian Kiss After Super Bowl Win

Bush & Kardashian Finished… Kayne West In Mix

Bush & KK Call It Quits... What Happen To Marriage?

Bush & KK Call It Quits... What Happen To Marriage?

Here’s the latest scoop about why KK & Reggie broke up… Kanye West! It appears that Bush saw text messages K Dub sent to KK and it was on from there. Here’s a little more from Hollywood Gossip.

Looks like Mr. Bush is ready to focus on football now and keep it 100. We’ve been wanting this kid to bust out ’cause we think he has game. As we’ve said before, he cannot carry the mail for 20 – 25 carries per game… but we believe he’s an easy 10 TDs per year 1,500 all purpose yards per year baller. What may limit his overall production is the fact that the Saints have a lot of weapons. Bush may be better on a different team that will give him more opportunities within the offense.

NFL's Former #2 Pick Is Now Back To Ballin'

NFL's Former #2 Pick Is Now Back To Ballin'

Bush: Will It Be The NFL or Hollywood?

Bush Making The Best Of The New Orleans Saints OTA's (Offseason Training Activities)

Bush Making The Best Of The New Orleans Saints OTA's (Offseason Training Activities)

Reggie Bush is very easy to knock due to his relationship with KK (Kim Kardashian). She’s a reality tv-star and social icon who has created a brand that has overtaken Paris Hilton as the ‘It Girl’ in Hollywood. Bush probably had no idea that his winning a Heismann Trophy and being the 2nd pick in the 2006 NFL Draft would mean little next to being known as KK’s boyfriend. Funny how life can throw you a curve ball or two…

I really liked Bush coming out of USC (like many others) and still want him to be that player. However, he’ll never be that guy which was an unstoppable force. Bush can be more of a playmaker than he’s shown in my opinion and started to exhibit in the ’08 season before breaking down again.


I won’t blast him for his Celebrity Lifestyle away from football. Many think that has been the major contributer to his less than productive NFL career (thus far)… I totally disagree. Bush is a tweener in the NFL meaning he’s not your prototype to be a running back, receiver, or kick returner… but he’s a fantastic athlete that was a terror in college which just hasn’t translated to the NFL. He is what Raghib “The Rocket” Ismail was in ’91 when he came out of Notre Dame. Rocket avoided much of what Bush is experiencing as he opted to sign with the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League for what was a record contract at that time.

Bush Celebrates Christmas Kardashian Style

This Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian thing is really hot news we’ve discovered here at Urban Sports Talk & Entertainment. We started talking about Bush before he hooked up with one of the hottest celebrities on the planet. Now, if we don’t mention KK when we drop something on RB there’s just no sizzle.

Clearly, in ’07 Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson had everyone buzzing about the hookup. RB and KK have much more juice and it appears as though they really are serious about making this thing work. RB took his peeps to KK’s peeps house… Damn!

RB was having his best year on the field before the injuries sat him down. We hope he gets healthy and lives up to his potential on the field because he has shown some serious talent and flashes of brillance. We just want it to be consistent and prolonged.

See you in ’09 RB (and KK).

Reggie Bush Wows On Monday Night Football

Reggie Bush had his most spectacular game of his career last night on MNF. He tied a record by returning two punt returns for touchdowns (71, 64 yds.) and accounted for 269 total yards. Before the season started, I stated that Bush needed to be consistent every week by doing things that led directly to wins. He has done that through 5 weeks of the season and all that decoy stuff is behind him. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t going to carry the mail (high rushing attempts) and will never be the Saints best running back. Bush will be a threat in an offensive game plan like the New Orleans Saints presently deploy. What remains to be determined is if Head Coach Sean Payton has a future there if this team fails to make the playoffs. 

In other news… how the heck can Bush’s girlfriend – Kim Kardashian – be such a lousy dancer? If she could dance a good as she looks she would have been the Vegas pick to win the latest installment of Dancing With The Stars. She is terrible!!!! But, who looks at her and thinks about that anyway… Bush must be keeping mama happy.

OJ Mayo Gets His… So What’s The Big Deal?

I can tell a lie…but I’m not going to tell one here to be politically correct.
College athletics at the highest level is the most immoral, hypocritical, self-serving run business in this country. That being said, I make sure I make my point clear so there is no confusion. If you are a high end student-athlete that can take advantage of any scenario on your college campus and benefit from it, I don’t look down on you for doing so (except gambling or throwing games). This noble idea of fair amateur competition does exist on some campuses, but look at your major universities in major conferences with major monies coming in from boosters, shoe contracts and of course radio-television contracts, and ask yourself this question?

Everybody benefits from the labors including the student-athlete by getting access to the educational opportunities available at the school, if they take advantage of the access, or are allowed to. Those that really benefit these days are the NCAA, six and in some cases seven figures salaries the athletic departments pay major university football and basketball coaches, the university that makes major monies on the shoe contracts, television revenues received for broadcast rights, monies made on NCAA bowl bids and NCAA basketball tournament births as well as fans and boosters who get to brag on their schools success because of these great athletes playing there. I wish T. Boone Pickens was a UW-Whitewater alum.
The reason I blog about this is the recent tales of former USC & Heisman Award winning running back Reggie Bush and the allegations made against USC Guard O.J. Mayo. The stories are so similar and sound like all these rumors or whispers you hear about the best athletes at the major colleges. They have “associates” that promise them from the time they are showing any athletic promise to the place that gives the most under the table, or once they become the big person on campus have “intermediaries” broker deals for their future in the world of professional sports to the ones willing to kick back what they want. 

The reason I say this is I find it hard not to take a little piece of the pie when you go to the bookstore and see a jersey with your name on it selling for $75 dollars a pop, and you have .75 cents in your pocket. Or how about turning on ESPN and seeing your name featured for the big game coming up, or watch boosters with money and access to things in life one will never have, bending over backwards to meet you, shake your hand and tell you how much they love they way you rep ole state U. How about coming to practice where your coach just came in from doing his TV or radio show that helps to pay his six or seven figure salary in his Lexus truck.

Now don’t forget if someone comes along and gives them the bigger better deal they can roll out with the only penalty being a contract buyout that is usually picked up by the new school. If your favorite quarterback or point guard try to leave that university for a better opportunity, or don’t perform to that coaches expectations, there are so many obstacles and deterrents that you almost have to be willing to sacrifice a little piece of sanity to transfer.
I know it is not the norm, but it is what it is…because if that university asset gets hurt, can’t play or runs out of eligibility, they get thrown to the curb for the next recruiting class of fresh assets. I know there are you out there that say, “”but they get this high end education” and to you I say, if that is the case give them a percentage of what they generate for the university, a cut on the marketing and promotion of which you use their likeness and jersey numbers and allow that to pay their room and board and in some cases, give them the balance left over.
I’m sorry I could tell a lie but I won’t, if you want to clean up the seedy side of college athletics, give these young people some of the big pot, stop hiding behind traditions that are out-dated and unjustifiable. 

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee